Friday, May 25, 2018

Some Pictures

I just feel like showing off some random things I've made lately (or maybe not so random...hmmm...)...
yes everything is vegan...

this is a tofu schnitzel with onion-mushroom gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, red and green quick kraut, potato beer cheez carrots and pumpkin seed peas:

these are some of my savory stuffed Aebleskiver... dill tomato butter, fancy mushroom and almond kale pesto are the flavors:

Turkish pizzas with a ton of arugula:

this was good, coconut buttermilk stew with rutabaga, greens, onions, turnips, potatoes & mushroom-lentil balls:

a rice & veggie protein pastry with cucumber salad, it was sort of inspired by Lörtsy but I didn't want to fry the poor bugger, it's baked instead:

a nice open face and also closed face sandwich on dark rye- creamy smoked walnut spread, olive salad, dessed cucumber, radish, tomato, arugula & sorrel and garlic chive mustard... if you notice some similarity to Smörgåstårta, well ya sure ya betcha mork mork mork:

some Karelian vegetable pastries, one is carrot, the other cauliflower, with a horseradish balsamic red cabbage slaw:

Kaiserschmarren, with coconut cream, caramel & strawberry sauces "to go":

I had a Beltane feast in the backyard a few weeks back, it was pretty fun, we did the maypole, morris dancing, storytelling, yes I played the mandolin (not well but played it nonetheless):

If you behave I might provide some of these recipes even ;)

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