Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Fundraiser for organizing, market and agriculture stuff.

 Sorting out my various projects- I’ve got more space to work with and need to make sure it’s organized, clean and functional. Also getting ahead of the curve on this season’s packaging for the markets. And experimenting with plants! So much. Contribute if you get the urge I’ll post updates as I get stuff going, giving all a better idea of what exactly I’m trying to do. And oh what exactly! 😀

Link to contribute:


Wednesday, February 8, 2023

illings Vegan Valentine's Day!

 Billings locals can email me: thetravelingchef@gmail.com to order a Valentine's takeout meal, $30 per person, requires at least 24 hours notice and can be picked up downtown on Monday 2/13, or Tuesday 2/14, let's talk:

*Quinoa Arancini with Red Cabbage Fennel Slaw and Blueberry Chutney
*Red bell pepper stuffed with smoky mashed cauliflower, pumpkin seed chimichurri, grilled avocado
*Penne with roasted beet vodka garlic kreem sauce and toasted hemp seeds, vegan gorgonzola,
side of ginger roasted sweet potatoes
*Rose pomegranate cheezcake with candied rosemary, lavender pomegrante glaze
OR chocolate cognac black salt cake with mocha frosting, chocolate brandy sauce & sprinkles
*- beverage (I'll tell you the options when you get in touch)
Can be GF by request. let me know any allergies.

OR you can get a basket of my mailorder items locally, pick it up and avoid postage. $6 per item, you get a free item for every five items you order. That menu is really something else and mostly snacks and dry goods and it is:

Snack mixes & bars
*herb garlic nuts & seeds (walnut, sunflower, soy nut, almonds, pecans)
*spiced nuts and seeds (walnut, sunflower, soy nut, almonds, pecans)- either spicy or sweet, has cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, etc.
*onion rings, peas, chile rings & pepper strips Cajun style
*big meal bar- cashew, coconut, legume flour, dried berries, peanuts, sunflower, sorghum, dried greens and squash (it’s an 800 calorie large granola bar)- regular or chocolate
Stew kits (all dried goods)
*Jambalaya - veggies, peppers, “sausage “, seasoned rice, spicy
*Gumbo- peppers, onions, okra, file, tomato, soy protein, spicy, rice
*Chili- soy protein (optional), chile tomato, onion, carrot, garlic, tamarind, several beans
*Red lentil-spicy curry vegetable
*rice and lentil- dried lime, black cardamom, galangal, saffron, onions, etc.
Batter mixes
*pink pancake/waffle savory- carrot, beet & spice
*pink pancake/waffle sweet- strawberry, pomegranate, etc.
*blackberry cornbread (sweet or spicy)
*onion jalapeño loaf (soda bread) or cornbread
Cookies (8 cookies, can get shaped as hearts or lips if you prefer)
*lemon lavender
*chocolate rose caramel
*almond coconut butter
*cocoa chai butterscotch
*plain sugar cookie (frosted or not, can get pink cookie or pink frosted cookie, pomegranate is the “dye”)
*chocolate blueberry hearts
*chocolate coconut crisp hearts
*pink fudge (rose)
*Candied grapefruit chocolates
Other baked goods
*bundt- raspberry crumble (2)
*loaf- brown sugar carrot cake (frosted or not)
*loaf- dill chile onion rye
*joshpockets-pink lemon or chocolate (4)
*mixed berry rose pomegranate
*coconut chocolate butter
*spicy eggplant pepper spread
*saffron cauliflower onion chile and sweet pepper relish
*dried mushrooms, chicory, and herbs (can get herbal, black, or green, can add licorice root)
*herbal pink grapefruit and berry
*green pink grapefruit and berry
*rose lavender black
*rose lavender green
*rose lavender herbal
- you can add dried citrus peel, apple, pear, pomegranate, pineapple, or berries to any
*five chile powder
*black cardamom, galangal, hot lime spice blend
*szechuan pepper & five spice
*garlic herb blend
*rose salt or sugar (or both)
*lavender salt or sugar (or both)
Crackers (12 crackers, can shape as hearts or lips, if desired)
*garlic tomato herb
*sesame curry cornmeal
*bbq tofu (spicy or not)
*giardineira (spicy herb and garlic cauliflower, onion, peppers, and carrot)
*ginger curry pineapple
*pom molasses spicy berbere eggplant

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Vegan T-Day Platters and Sides, Billings- November 16-24


 Thanksgiving platters for Billings are afoot! Available from this Wednesday, November 16 thru Thanksgiving Day, November 24th.

Platters are $30, can serve 2 people except there is just the one little pie. I need 24 hours notice on orders. 

It is:

Roasted garlic balsamic Brussels sprouts 

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Green beans casserole 

Tofu and/or Seitan Turkee

Cornbread and brown rice stuffing 

2 Dutch clover rolls (dinner rolls)

Ginger sweet potatoes 

Greens with onions and smoked salt

Little pumpkin pie with whipped kreem of choice

Cranberry sauce with orange, pomegranate, and persimmon 

Can I do GF? Yes, would be a different type of dinner roll.

Can do larges of any component, we can talk about price on that.

I can do a Mac uncheez as well, usually that’s $10 for a 24 oz. container.

Whole pies for $15-



Coconut kreem


Pomegranate cheezecake 


You can also order things off my takeout menu which is on my blog.

Advance ordering and payment is helpful, can also do cash at pickup.

Find me on PayPal by searching thetravelingchef@gmail.com (the whole email otherwise you will find Arturo! 😀)

Venmo is @joshuaploeg 

Thanks order up Billings!