Monday, December 3, 2018

Nice Vegan-Oriented Christmas Presents!

The $25 superpack of my cookbooks is up again at Microcosm, a really good deal for the holidays, right here:

Probably the best deal on my books at the moment, and of course they make really great stocking stuffers or small presents.
Microcosm is ceasing their dealings with Amazon, so directly from Microcosm Publishing or via your local bookstore are the best ways to get those titles.
Anyway, more new cookbooks coming up over the next two years (I think!), looks to be a bumper crop.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

2019 Trips!

Next year I will be trying out the concept of being a bit more parked in particular areas for 2-4 week bursts rather than running too far afield on longer trips.
If you want to book a dinner, collaborative event, benefit or oddball performance let me know and we can work it out.
Sacramento will be first in January, probably a relatively short visit there.
Later February and early March will be East Texas and Louisiana and includes Mardi Gras so let your imagination run wild!
Later March and April will be the Pacific Northwest, as it is every year- gotta catch those Mariners as well.
Anyway, looking forward to it, get in touch.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Last Brunch of Series

We're having the last in our series of four vegan brunches/lunches at Tradewinds Tavern on Balboa Ave. in San Diego
this Sunday, October 7th from 11:30 AM til 3:30 PM
the owner has requested a pan-Asian theme so I deliver...
Banh Mi, Banh Xeo, Penang Laksa, Spicy Coconut Mock Duck & Bamboo, Indonesian-inspired Hash, Rice Porridge with Adzuki Beans, Kimchi Waffle, Gado Gado with vegan hard cooked "egg" and housemade black rice lontong.
Come on out, tell a friend... here's some photos: