Monday, September 11, 2017

Vegan Yogurt Parfait with Easy Stovetop Crumble

This is my favorite dessert lately, not too sweet.
Way too easy to make pie crumbs on the stove top
it only takes a few minutes.

1/2 C. flour or sorghum flour (or ground nuts or combo)
1 tsp.sugar (more to taste)
pinch salt
2-3 Tbsp. coconut oil or margarine

1-2 C. vegan yogurt or coconut cream with lemon juice and a
  little sugar and salt

1 C. or more fruit of choice (I like peaches or blueberries)

Toast flour in a dry pan for about 1 minute, stirring (do
medium or med-low heat). Add sugar and salt.
Stir one more minute, add oil/margarine and stir about until
it forms crumbs. Stir here and there for a couple of minutes,
making sure it doesn't burn until it looks nice and toasty.

Lay a Tbsp. or so in the bottoms of 4 cups. Add some fruit in
each(1/8 portion per cup),then 1/4 of the yogurt in each on
top of that,reserving a little bit for the tops. Next add the
rest of the fruit,then the rest of the crumb mixture, and then
a dab of the yogurt on each.
Makes 4
I definitely like it best with the crumbs still warm.

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