Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Another Cookbook Throwback

This one  came out a few years ago...
This Ain't No Picnic! Your Punk Rock Vegan Cookbook...
yes, the name comes from the Minutemen song

it's fun... cool photos, zany commentary, nice layout, photography
by Vice Cooler and Dalton Blanco
comedy, nostalgia, mocking of nostalgia, playlists and weird ideas
some great others just weird.
There's a pit key for the cover, a nod to Mad magazine of course.
Also has commentaries by fashion historian Monica Sklar, Nacheez
creator and purveyor of vegan utility Ilsa Hess, bay area punk icon
and Berkeley political wonder Jesse Luscious, Punk/Horror/Trash/
Awesome film connoisseur and author Zack Carslon, punk
auteur and anarchistic maestro Eric Ingrate
plus design by Meggyn Pomerlau and so much more!
Get it from your local bookstore...
or Microcosm here...
Also usually pretty cheap at Amazon if you have a leftover card...
In the cover photo,which was taken from above in the kitchen of the
warehouse in LA I was living in at the time, we had a real pit going and
I was afraid they were going to drop me.
Pretty much the cute pitbulls in here make the book.
Don't burn your fingers making the smores..
Top stuff! Hahahahaha!

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