Monday, February 6, 2017

Chikun Breaded Fried Portabello

After this great flurry of new year activity, I shall try to
"throw up" a recipe on here every Monday.
We'll see how long I stick with this plan.

Here's another yucky fried thing!
Actually these are pretty great, and
this is yet another interesting use for that soy protein
stuff if you have some leftover from your "Clam

to the batter recipe from super bowl day add:
1/2 C. of that pesky soy protein, reconstituted in
some broth
Mix that in there, making sure there is enough of the
mixture and the texture is good enough to stick
on there, might need some cornstarch or more
liquid or whatever.
Cut 2 portabello mushrooms into strips and coat
with a little oil, salt, pepper and herbs.
Next coat these strips in the soy breading/goop.
Mush it on there real good.
Chill them for a bit, then fry in hot oil, turning,
until browned. Drain on absorbent paper.
Horseradish special sauce works for a dipping agent.

pictured here with chips and guacamole and black bean

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