Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Off to North Dakota for WhyNotMinot!? then a little Montana, Idaho, etc.
I'll be back in SoCal end of August and around there for most of the rest of the year
With the exception: Sept. 10-24 or so, doing Minneapolis (ZineFest again!), Milwaukee, Chicago and yet more North Dakota.
So nice I'm visiting twice!


Sara said...

Are you from North Dakota? I lived in WhyNotMinot for 8 years, graduated HS there--- quiet pretty town. But happy to be out west these days. :)

Joshua Ploeg said...

No I'm not from there but I go there a lot, nice town, There is a lot happening there these days, new microbrewery opened (Souris River) and lots of music, such as the WhyNot? Fest