Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book a Dinner!

Hey Folks
Wrapping up this northeast trip here in lovely Pittsburgh today and in Chicago over the weekend, should be grand.
Californians can book dinners for July- 3rd thru 10th and the 24th thru 31st in Sacramento and the Bay Area, July 11th thru 23rd for LA and San Diego
slowly starting to fill in, so get in touch.
August I have Why Not Minot? again 12-14, so before that feel free to book Minneapolis, Milwaukee or other parts of North Dakota. After that, Montana and the Northwest (like Seattle or Portland) and we'll go from there.
Looks like the cantankerous tour is back on for September, which pushes Europe and the next group of east coast dates back to October.
Sounds good to me!
I'll post some new recipes when i get back to Mexico


mmb said...

DC omitted or already happened?

Joshua Ploeg said...

it didn't come together this time, I went to Baltimore and Richmond. Gonna try for DC in the fall, either just before (beginning of October) or just after (beginning of November) I go to Europe

erhino said...

any chance you want to come to Duluth and cook me a birthday dinner this week?

Joshua Ploeg said...

Ah, I bet I'll be around the same time next year if you'll take a rain check!