Monday, August 19, 2019

couple pics and a spiel

A few more pics from the trip and-

Progress report... I have indeed been scoping out places to have a little cafe/ pub n grub type of place... want it to be very cheap to do thus places like Billings, Sheridan and outland parts of NoDak, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc. are still high in the mix.Just mulling over how to take a more targeted pass through the area and really look closely at specific venues/buildings. And also crowdfunding vs. investors and that sort of thing-landlords would likely prefer investors plus then you get their expertise and a vested interest in case of either a crisis or great success. Anyway-. Like I said I intend to make it an affordable proposition including beer/wine license (can use tricks for this in some places) thus CA is probably out of the picture. Some of these spots (Billings) the retail space lease prices per square foot in locations I would consider desireable are a bit high so I'm wondering if I should wait out until some kind of crash happens so the prices will go down lol. Anyway such thoughts on my mind. Personally I would love to do a gasthaus or lodge but that would involve buying a property which is not in the cards for poor little old me at the moment.
Anyway, if you see something say something, definitely let me know any cute/cheap places with specific spaces that have some infrastructure so that I don't have to do a totally expensive buildout okayyyyy.

 A deep dish taco pizza in Minot, ND:

People brought good stuff for the barbecue in Billings, yes that's a beyond burger there:

Little prinjolatas, maybe I should open a carnival:

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