Thursday, September 13, 2018

Brunch in San Diego this Sunday 9/16

Doing a fun brunch at Tradewinds Tavern in San Diego this Sunday from 11:30 am til 3:30 pm, come check it out

FB link:

and the fabulous flyer... tell a friend!
and it ends at 3:30 pm not 3:30 am lol... bet you didn't even notice that!

photos are of some of the items we'll have like smoked kabocha-apple-corn tamales with sweet pepper sauce and corn-apple salsa, lefse tacos with tofu scramble-red cabbage slawsa-garlic sauce, and so much more...
hey here's a chickpea omelette with fava bean chorizo, spinach, onion and a cashew mrornay sauce... so good! we have that also, and also lots of beer!

oh look it's the grilled avocado stuffed with ceviche de chochos... spicy ghost pepper chips in the photo but will be plantain chips or some other corn chip that is not super hot lol...

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