Thursday, June 14, 2018


I've been thinking about opening a small place... not the first time I've considered it.
I don't know though, so dicey to do that sort of thing- also hard to decide what the best location & venue would be, this would be for a basically northern european-west coast hybrid style with some specials. That kind of stuff goes well with beer to be honest, not a license I want to jump through hoops to get. Not sure that SoCal is the kind of area where this would go over or not, I guess there isn't really much like it down here so there's that.
So I guess it's a poll, in a way- what would be the best place?
More likely I will wind up doing something else anyway since that always seems to happen lol.
Or somewhere out there is the prefect spot for me where I can merrily make my stuffed savory aebleskiver, soups, lefse tacos, spaetzle, strudels and schnitzels, rye pretzels, croqueten, pickles and all that other good junk. And to have my super amazing Oktoberfest concept I want to do.
A nice kitchen would be good, I get tired of cooking in home kitchens all the time.
I'm available is what I'm saying!

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