Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lammas post 1 and music-related things

I have a fun dinner party tonight that is Lammastide themed
and will put up a recipe and photo tomorrow.
I have an oddball chanting/folk"singing" and experimental
act I have been doing for years.
I do skits, poems,costumes and whatnot for it and this concept I
call "Newstalgia" where I make some of the songs seem of
indeterminate age and origin and put them out there.
Here are some actually about Lammas for the dinner especially,
with a couple of extras thrown in there... usually I don't exactly
carry the tune all that well, so there's that...

and here's the general group- includes some funky folk songs,
Sumerian ritual (lol) and re-imagined yowling hymns and spells...

free to stream
songs are pay what you want for actual download
albums are $1 or whatever you want
gotta spread this stuff around,
a lot of it makes for good campfire entertainment!

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