Monday, July 3, 2017

As American As An Apple Chimichanga

 This is July 4th recipe #2 for today....n joi...

For your July 4, this is much faster than an apple pie and probably
more fun when you're blowing sh*t up.

you need
2 granny smith apples, diced or wedge sliced
1/4 C. mango jelly
1 tsp.lemon juice
1/4 C. sugar
a few juice
2 tsp. oil and margarine
1/2 tsp. grated ginger
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
salt to taste
cinnamon and sugar for sprinkling
oil for frying you don't need a lot
4 flour tortillas of agreeable size

In a saucepan cook apples in 2 tsp. margarine or oil with a little
salt, cinnamon and 1/4 C. sugar,lemon juice and ginger. Cook for
several minutes, adding a little apple juice at a time. Add mango jelly
and stir. Cook for 2 more minutes, add more juice if you like, you
don't want it too thin.
Allow to cool for a bit while you fuss around.
Heat oil for frying in a pan.
Place 1/4 of apple stuff on each tortilla and roll in tight burrito styles.
Fry, turning (make sure they do not open up,okay!) until browned on
all sides. Drain on absorbent paper briefly then shake sugar and
cinnamon all over them and serve soon thereafter.
Lightly sweetened coconut cream with vanilla and apple compote and a
sparkler going on each end are obviously the best thing to serve these with.
The employment of tongs might be a good idea.
interesting variation: add a little jalapeno jelly and lime juice to the
filling and sprinkle with Tajin mixed with cinnamon and sugar at the end
for a little bump.

A nice vegan 4th of July treat, suitable for everyonnnnnne!

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