Monday, October 17, 2016

Bike/Dinner Tour Dates, Still Booking

Hey there- check the schedule for the bike films/presentation, vegan buffet and traveling bookstore and discussion...
A lot is booked, but some is not- it's not all shown as confirmed but if you see something where you are (particularly Wyoming, Idaho, Texas) and you can help put something on let us know via the email link on the Dinner and Bikes page, it's the last time we're doing a tour with this format too!
Also, if you want me to cater your Thanksgiving let me know, believe we will be in New Mexico or Texas that day and of course nothing's going on on my end.
link here:

tentative dates, once again,  I believe 8 are confirmed...
 11/14/2016 Seattle, WA @ G&O Family Cyclery
11/15/2016 Walla Walla, Spokane, or Yakima? *
11/16/2016 Boise, ID *
11/17/2016 Twin Falls, Pocatello, or day off *
11/18/2016 Salt Lake City, UT @ Chase Mill at The Tracy Aviary, 589 1300 S, 7 p.m.-9 p.m.
11/19/2016 Cheyenne or Laramie, WY *
11/20/2016 Fort Collins, CO @ Wolverine Farm Publick House
11/21/2016 Denver or Boulder, CO*
11/22/2016 Colorado Springs, CO *
11/23/2016 Santa Fe, NM
11/26/2016-11/27 Oklahoma City, OK (No Dinner and Bikes event, but we’ll be at the Deluxe Winter Market.)
11/28/2016 Dallas, TX
11/30/2016 El Paso, TX
12/01/2016 Tucson, AZ*
12/02/2016 Phoenix, AZ
12/03/2016 Las Vegas, NV or Los Angeles, CA, or… *

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