Monday, August 17, 2015

Late Summer/Fall Schedule

well, it's all a bit nebulous but...
Aug. 22-28 Sacramento
Most of September I will be in SoCal and available for dinners or anything, which you should book now!
October 4-15 or so I will be out east... talking Richmond, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Providence, Boston, maybe Connecticut

The new Select Sex album will be out Sept. 15 so we'll probably play a couple of shows around then and then a few in late October/November

believe it or not, this seems like a mellow schedule on my end

As always, get in touch/email me if you want to book something. I'll also again be doing the multimedia dinner events with performance, historic reference, food and esoterics... probably a couple out east and then some SoCal ones in November.

if anything exciting/public gets booked I will post it here!

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