Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pacific Northwest coming up

I have a popup at Cafe Pettirosso in Seattle on March 23rd, they are taking reservations and the menu is posted. Probably have a few spots left so get on it!

I will be doing things in Portland, Seattle, Olympia, Bellingham, Bainbridge and Bremerton... have a few open dates if anyone wants to book something.
For other special events it looks like April 1st there will be an event with food, entertainment and pottery in Portland. Ask me for details on that.
And April 8th I think in Olympia will be the big multimedia event there with fortune telling, food, history and performance. More details on that later.
A Bellingham date for multimedia should be announced soon as well.

other future stuff coming up, I will have some Sacramento stuff after April 12th, around the annual Pt. Reyes retreat
followed by another round of Dinner and Bikes going through the middle of the country this time, lot of Texas! Link to that is to the right or... right here:

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