Friday, November 30, 2012

So much news!

Geez- where to start?
Well, I'm gonna post a few more webisodes soon, then other people will be doing the editing for me after that! Oh joy, we'll call it "Season Two" haha!

Food trips upcoming:
Seattle area, Olympia, Bellingham- December 17-22, 28, 29 (Grand Jury Resistors Benefit at Darby's in Olympia Dec. 17, Oly Vegan Presents a Special Dinner Party at the Bearded Lady in Olympia, Dec. 19); Sacramento Dec.14-16; San Diego Dec. 7-9 (includes tabling at the Peace Bazaar on Saturday the 8th).
should be some good events in there, email me if you wanna know what's up
And lots of pickups/takeout and craziness in LA interspersed throughout!

Cook book and zine release schedule:
Dec. 18th- grimoire/recipe and dark art zine with illustrations by Brad Baker
Jan. 12th- "A Chef's Tale 2: Recipes and Stories" zine with artwork by Gary Trujillo, release at Stories Books in Echo Park, I will be appearing with Ashley Rowe of "Barefoot In the Kitchen" fame, we're both reading and making snacks and visiting with people
Feb. 17- "Encapsulated Life: The Pill Party Diet Plan" recipe and physiological fantasy zine/critique, release at the Grrl Zines A Gogo table at LAZF in the Ukranian Center in Los Angeles
March- Pioneers Press will be releasing a year-round holiday extravaganza cook book from me!
May- "Wild and Weird Road Things" another amusing zine of tour stories and recipes, oddities, facts and fictions for tour with Joe and Elly
November- "This Ain't No Picnic" an exploration of punk rock cookery through texture, taste, smell, look and composition will be released by Microcosm/Cantankerous Titles. Should be a good one, with color photos no less!

and speaking of punk rock...
Select Sex
Dec. 12 at Blood Orange Infoshop in Riverside at 7:30 pm with Witchaven, Doomed Species, Healing and DYP
Jan. 5- Pyrate Punx House in East LA w/ Deadpressure, Queefer Sutherland, Doomed Species
Jan. 6 Grind Your Face Off II at Calypso in San Diego w/ Noisear, Deadpressure, Queefer Sutherland, Syntax
Jan. 7- Pehrspace in LA
Feb. 8- w/ Knife Thru Head and Queefer Sutherland at Colony in Sacramento
Feb. 9- Eli's in Oakland w/ T.A.D.R.O.E.V., Caffa, Scolex
Feb. 10- House Show/BBQ in Concord w/ Deadpressure

Behead the Prophet will be playing some shows in the northwest the last two weekends of March, with Eric from Noggin on violin in Michael's place. Stay tuned for more info on that. I suppose that's a piece of news eh?!
March 22 in Bellingham, 23 Portland, 24 Olympia, 30 Seattle

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