Monday, July 2, 2012

August-September booking

I'm starting to put together August and September trips. Email me if you want to book a dinner party or other interesting food event.
For August, I have Why Not Minot? Festival again, love it! August 10-12 is when that is in illustrious Minot, North Dakota.
I will be doing some Northwest dates I believe, before and after- so, Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, Montana on the I-90 corridor, Seattle/Portland/Olympia/Tacoma/Bremerton/Eugene/Bellingham/Vancouver or any points between get in touch about this.

September- I will be doing some catering and vending for the Twin Cities ZineFest in Minneapolis on the 22nd. Around that time then- Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago fer shure will be going there. Possibly a short jaunt down the east coast after- Providence, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, DC and Richmond. I could go further south (FL/GA/SC/NC) or midwesty (Louisville, Pittburgh, Bloomington again?) if anyone is interested. More on this later.

Also might be doing some dinner and bikes gigs the first week of september in the bay and Santa Monica and possibly personal cheffing for a camp in Arizona the week after that in which case I would probably open up dates for Phoenix and Tucson.
Anyway, keep all that in mind- haha!

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