Monday, August 22, 2011

September tour!

First, thanks to everyone that participated in the Black Banquet at LA's Got Talent @ Sancho, it went pretty well once it got going!
Now, Elly Blue will be cavorting and presenting bicycle goings on and generally being amazing, Joe will be showing short films and whatnot and I will be making vegan food and feasts on the Dinner & Bikes Tour:
August 30- Ashland
31 Nevada City
September 1- Mill Valley
2 SF
(3 and 4 they will be doing the zine convention in SF I will be galavanting elsewhere)
5- Sacramento
6- Reno
7- San Jose
8- Santa Barbara
9- Las Vegas
10- Santa Monica
11- Riverside
12- LA
13- San Diego
14- Phoenix
15- Tucson
16- Flagstaff
17- Provo
18- Grand Junction
19- Boulder
21- Topeka
22- KC
24/25- Minneapolis
26- Rapid City
27- Spearfish
28- Bozeman
30- Boise
Oct. 1 - Portland

come if you feel like it! If not I'll see y'all soon enough! ;)


Emily Catherine said...

I'm excited to see you in KC!

Joshua Ploeg said...

thanks! it will be a good sized event with an interesting mix of people and some of my best food of the tour