Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I'm postponing that east coast extravaganza til June.
July could be interesting, I hope to go to the Southeast even though it will be really hot, why not!
Speaking of, Why Not?! Fest is happening in Minot again in August, which means I will be cooking some morsels in North Dakota, and also probably Montana, Minnesota, and maybe South Dakota. I wish to also pop up to Alaska during that time.
Then at the end of August the Microcosm Tour begins and runs thru September.
Then a trip to Europe in October.
After that, I don't know!!!


Matthew Ruscigno said...

I want to be in the Minnesota/North Dakota area in late August, maybe we can meet up and/or set up something!

Joshua Ploeg said...

Ah, perhaps. The thing is August 14-18 this year, so when I do dates around there depends on when the Microcosm tour begins (I think that starts on the 25th or something, in Portland).

Missy said...

If you come to the SE, maybe we can set a date if you're game.

Joshua Ploeg said...

Hey Missy
I think I will try to come thru on my way back from Europe at the beginning of November. Eh?