Friday, September 24, 2010

traveling October and November

Well it turns out I need to tour around for two months before I can live anywhere again.
Uh, let's see- if you live anywhere and want to host a dinner party or event let me know.
I will be in Sacramento a bunch of times, if you live there. Reno around October 10th. Fresno on the 22nd (big event there). I will be in the bay area before the Fresno event. I will be in the Pacific Northwest after the Fresno event. In November, count on me in Texas, New Orleans, Memphis, Louisville, Nashville, Atlanta, Gainesville and probably Miami.
If my Boston event happens Nov. 8th, I would then also be in New York, Providence, Philly, DC and Richmond.
And of course in November if you need a dinner in LA, Sacramento, San Diego, Ensenada, Tijuana or Rosarito Beach I can probably accommodate you randomly in there.
In December I should be back to living in Los Angeles.
Even I'm confused!

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