Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Upcoming tours!

Ah, I've been quiet about cooking tours lately but here they come! The original touring chef the rocker the roller the right out of controller is on the loose again!

August 8th- dinner party in Los Angeles, contact me for details
August 13th- meal/sandwich pickups in Sacramento; also, peddling burritos for the Bananas show that nite at the Hub
August 19 Minneapolis; 20-22 Y Not Minot Fest in Minot, ND; 23-24 Minneapolis again; 25-26 Milwaukee; 27-28 Chicago
Sept. 3-5 Portland (got a wedding in there so probably only one other event could happen if any)
Sept. 8-9 possibly San Diego (still talking about it)
Sept. 19th dinner party in Los Angeles
Around an October 16th wedding gig in Louisville, I will be doing dinner there as well and New Orleans, Atlanta, possibly some things in Tennessee and Texas as well, get in touch. Florida I will save you up for another trip.
In November I am supposedly going to Boston which means Providence, New York, Philadelphia, DC and Richmond would also be on the agenda.
Get in touch to book something or attend and I can figure out what dates I have available.

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