Thursday, March 4, 2010

Microcosm Tour in April

Hey! Microcosm's mulitmedia tour is coming down the west coast this time, in April. With me doing a "cooking show" and interesting vegan snacks, Joe Biel showing short films (Plan-ItX Records Doc. "If It Ain't Cheap, It Ain't Punk"!), Q&A and zine/book table, and Mia Partlow and Michael Hoerger of "Edible Secrets" (link to the right) with a touring museum/presentation on the fascinating secret history of food and espionage.
The event is on facebook, if you are on there it's a good place to look at any updates.
April 1- Portland (Artistery); 2- Seattle (Left Bank); 3- Bellingham (Bloom); 4-dinner party for me!; 5-Olympia (Northern); 6- Eugene (Bad Egg Books Collective); 7- Redding (house); 8- Sacramento (Sol Collective); 9- Reno (Rainshadow Charter School); 10- Santa Rosa or Eureka /Arcata; 11- Oakland (ISSUES); 12- San Francisco (Needles and Pens); 13- San Jose (house); 14- Santa Cruz (Sub Rosa); 15- Davis (villanova house); 16- Fresno (C.A.F.E.); 17- Los Angeles (Pieter); 18- San Diego (house); 19- Phoenix (the Rusty Spoke); 20- Tucson (the Boxing Gym); 21-Prescott (Catalyst)

I'll fill the venues out as they become definite, if you can offer one, let me know, we might be looking. It will be a great tour.

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kittee said...

awwww, i just saw this now. msg me next time you come to pdx!