Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Update

Well, Europe was pretty swell, I look forward to going back again soon (and frequently thereafter). I decided to move from Sac and went out with a bunch of fun pickups (oh hey, how about "Cupcake Day"? wasn't that grand!?). Thanks to everyone in Sac for all of your patronage the last two years.
At the end of summer we'll pick a place, probably LA or the East Bay to dwell. Still I will be going to Sacramento monthly for this and that and there will still be Pangaea dinners now and then even though my food won't be there or at Pieces regularly anymore.
Also, have Warm Streams shows coming up Aug. 13th at the Hub and Aug. 16th at the Parkside in SF so check the myspace for those details. Working on some new zines and other amusing things as well.
As far as future touring, I want to hit the South this winter and maybe somewhere else interesting abroad- back east, canada and europe- well spring will come eventually.
talk soon
love, JP

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