Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sac Attack!

Hey Hey It's May
Finishing up with a good tyme in Philly then it's back to Sac on May 2nd
Pangaea food this coming week, calzones at Pieces
My book is out and available from Microcosm, "In Search of the Lost Taste"
Pangaea dinner on May 21st
Book release show at the Goobertorium on the 15th
Me and Genaro are cooking this month and I've got meal pickups coming every week until
May 26th when I go to Dublin to tromp around Europe for a month
things r good
that's the news!

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Johnny Hugel said...

Thanks again for visiting Richmond, it was another awesome and satisfying meal. I made a short blog post so your transcribing of the menu wasn't for naught.

Good luck with your trip home, and I look forward to running into you again.