Sunday, November 13, 2022

Vegan T-Day Platters and Sides, Billings- November 16-24


 Thanksgiving platters for Billings are afoot! Available from this Wednesday, November 16 thru Thanksgiving Day, November 24th.

Platters are $30, can serve 2 people except there is just the one little pie. I need 24 hours notice on orders. 

It is:

Roasted garlic balsamic Brussels sprouts 

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Green beans casserole 

Tofu and/or Seitan Turkee

Cornbread and brown rice stuffing 

2 Dutch clover rolls (dinner rolls)

Ginger sweet potatoes 

Greens with onions and smoked salt

Little pumpkin pie with whipped kreem of choice

Cranberry sauce with orange, pomegranate, and persimmon 

Can I do GF? Yes, would be a different type of dinner roll.

Can do larges of any component, we can talk about price on that.

I can do a Mac uncheez as well, usually that’s $10 for a 24 oz. container.

Whole pies for $15-



Coconut kreem


Pomegranate cheezecake 


You can also order things off my takeout menu which is on my blog.

Advance ordering and payment is helpful, can also do cash at pickup.

Find me on PayPal by searching (the whole email otherwise you will find Arturo! 😀)

Venmo is @joshuaploeg 

Thanks order up Billings!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Irvine event Sunday 10/30

 Check the OC Vegan Meetup group page if you’ve got an urge to go to a shindig in Irvine tomorrow- it’s part potluck, part me catering with an amusing spread. Swimming pool full of beachball eyeballs. I’ll have some merch and cookbooks. Will do a little seasonal song and story bit and Nicholas Rogers will do a little comedy. Possibly more! It’s from 1-4 pm. I’m sure you can find the event with minimal research! Tasty vegan morsels.

Friday, October 14, 2022

Billings vegan pickup menu October 17-23

 This is my pickup menu for Billings, available October 17-23. I need 24 hours notice for all orders. Pickup is downtown area. Order via email: or you can text me if you have my number. Payment is via cash, check or PayPal. Give me an approximate time for pickup when you order. Thanks. Much of this freezes well if you want to stock up. 

*Lefse taco- zucchini and mushroom fritters, red cabbage slawsa, smoked walnuts, garlic sauce, Italian parsley and cilantro $5

*Lefse roll- three sweet types: lingonberry, pumpkin, lingonberry kreem (coconut). One savory type: hemp seed pesto. $5/each

*Dutch pea soup (has potatoes, carrots) with two rye rolls (has caraway), or two Dutch clover rolls (dinner rolls). 24 oz. container. $8

*Mac uncheez with veggie bacon and scallions (contains truffle). 24 oz. container. $10

*Whole chikuny tofu vegetable pot pie- potato, carrot, peas, broccoli. 7” pie. $14


-Brinjal (sweet and spicy eggplant with peppers and onions)

-Curry pumpkin with peppers and onions, greens and carrots

-Chickpea cauliflower with coconut milk, peppers, carrots, chiles

>In 24 oz. container including rice, quinoa, or polenta- $12

>As roti with spicy potatoes, flatbread, cranberry chutney, chile garlic sauce $14 (no rice or whatever with that version).

*Joshpockets for $2 each… you must order at least two of any particular type I won’t be making singles, these are basically like empanadas or turnovers.








-spicy creole pumpkin 

-black bean pineapple 

-onion potato mushroom 

-spinach onion (can add toasted almonds)

-curry potato samosa-style with peas and carrots

-spicy lentil 

I’ll be doing this menu, with specials one week every month. I’ll post when I do with a bit of notice. Thank you and order up!