Friday, April 28, 2023

Night Market

 Link to the Night Market event at Kirk’s in Billings on Monday, May 1st

You can follow the links on that page to reserve and pay if you want to do the dinner, otherwise 5:30-9 come shop and hang out for storytelling!

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Not much

 Not a ton to report at the moment. Have been continuing night market/ storytelling at Kirk’s Grocery every six weeks, next one is May 1. The bake sale will be combined into it this time.

Garden project is slow going but after an initial cruddy situation it’s beginning to pick up. I should be able to add culinary herbs to our market stand this season as planned.

Speaking of definitely doing Billings south side again this year on Thursdays, which begins on June 8th, and downtown on Saturdays, which begins July 15th. Talking to a few other markets in the area and should be adding a couple per week. I’ll update when I know for sure which and when. Will be working on better packaging and consistent fare this year rather than doing too much variety. Also, will be working on a winter market that will cut back on downtime, which has been insufferable.

In the meantime there’s just cookbooks to plug, so here’s the link to those:

Ramones themed zany parody:

Metallica themed zany parody:

$25 super pack:

Got some recent ones that came out last year even, check it out!

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Fundraiser for organizing, market and agriculture stuff.

 Sorting out my various projects- I’ve got more space to work with and need to make sure it’s organized, clean and functional. Also getting ahead of the curve on this season’s packaging for the markets. And experimenting with plants! So much. Contribute if you get the urge I’ll post updates as I get stuff going, giving all a better idea of what exactly I’m trying to do. And oh what exactly! 😀

Link to contribute: