Monday, December 16, 2019

yule feast

That was a fun event, thanks Billings!
I like the space, will do something there again, a cozy group of about 15 plus those of us working which made for a lot of leftovers (there was even more food than pictured, several large pots of stuff) but now that I have this under the belt I have a better understanding of the pulse here (will do more leadup, etc. for these tricked out events)... I look forward to doing more!
Coming up Candlemass, Valentine's Day (Minneapolis!), Spring Equinox, and so much more!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Event December 14th, Billings, Montana!

Going to have a dual celebration of St. Lucia and Yule
Saturday, December 14th at 6:30 pm til 9 pm
at Kirk's Grocery, 2920 Minnesota Ave. in Billings
$15 for fun & frolic and of course tons of vegan food
either reserve by emailing: if you want to pay cash,
or prepay with PayPal, the same email as above is the paypal address for that
and we'll have you on the list!

There will be curated music of a folky, polka-y and modern/alternative folk nature
Phil Plentywood will do some moody metal-influenced acoustic folk
Sanctuary of Sound will do storytelling and an interesting performance,
plus more on that front.
Costumes and pageantry! A raffle for cool prizes!
Fun little craft and snack schwag bags for all!
And of course lots of vegan food, bring a doggie bag in fact! A set of snacks and appetizers, a set of mains and a set of sweets will be offered throughout the evening, lots of GF options if that is your thing. (think lefse, aebleskiver, kransekake, yulekake, smorgastarta, etc.)
Wear a fun costume, we're into it!
Feel free to email me any questions as well, tell a friend or two or three!
Cheers and happy season!

Friday, November 29, 2019

Oh great! Gofund me up for some preliminary costs

Cafe/ pubngrub upcoming!!

Should you feel the urge to contribute, this will go to paperwork, licensing, lawyers and such... think LLC establishment, trademarks, account setups, business ID and that sort of thing for my upcoming cafe in Montana, still looking at spaces, I'll be there in both December and January looking around, hope to be all set up with preliminaries and nail a space down in January, open in April... anyway halp...